Advisory Committee Members

Health Department Representatives

Massachusetts Department of Public Health

  • Rebekah Thomas, Director of Injury Prevention and Control
  • Sandra Smole, Director, MA State Public Health Laboratory, Bureau of Infectious Disease and Laboratory Sciences
  • Mary DeMartino, Associate Laboratory Director, MA State Public Health Laboratory, Bureau of Infectious Disease and Laboratory Sciences
  • Dr. Lijuan Su, Director of Analytical Chemistry Division, MA State Public Health Laboratory
  • Meg Blanchet, MS, REHS, Environmental Toxicology Program
  • Elise Pechter, MPH, CIH, Occupational Health Surveillance Program
  • James Laing, Occupational Health Surveillance Program

Rhode Island Department of Health

  • Michael Byrns, Environmental Health Risk Assessment Toxicologist, Center for Healthy Homes and Environment
  • Louis Marchetti, Ph.D, Biomonitoring & Chemical Threat Laboratories

Kristina Ward, PharmD, BCPS,  University of Rhode Island College of Pharmacy

Donna Bartlett, PharmD, CGP, RPh, MCPHS University

Regional Poison Center Representatives

  • Michele M. Burns, MD, MPH
  • Waqaas Bhutta, MBA, MPH