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The Center relies on the generous support of both individuals and organizations.

The Regional Center for Poison Control and Prevention is a not-for-profit organization that exists to provide the people of Massachusetts and Rhode Island with assistance and expertise in the diagnosis, management and prevention of poisonings. The Center handles tens of thousands of calls from the public annually, works with educators to promote poison control information, and collaborates with toxicology professionals nationwide to maintain the highest level of medical excellence. And in today’s post 9/11 climate of uncertain biological risk, it is the Regional Center which serves the public in the complex undertaking of addressing bioterrorism.

In light of the recent fiscal crisis, state funding for the Poison Center has been cut and the cuts will likely be even deeper this coming fiscal year.  In the past, donations have contributed to the Poison Center in recognition of the proven cost savings that are incurred when members call the Center, rather than access hospital Emergency Departments.  Unless the Massachusetts and Rhode Island Center for Poison Control and Prevention obtains additional funding, the potential for closing the Center’s doors is real.  We are asking you to become a supporting partner and to assist the Center with a financial contribution


The Poison Center is a cost saving mechanism for the treatment and triage of poison exposures. Over 75% of all cases are successfully treated at the site of the exposure – thereby eliminating the need for those callers to seek care at their local emergency department.  It has been estimated that for every dollar invested in Poison Centers, over $7 dollars in unnecessary health care expenditures are saved.


Poison Control Centers are a critical component of the Public Health System.  We are dedicated to serving all populations and offer our services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  In Massachusetts, we receive a large and varied call volume of almost 62,000 cases and maintain a comprehensive health care delivery model that addresses poison concerns throughout the lifespan.  The Poison Center is an essential part of the healthcare infrastructure; over 17% of our calls come from healthcare facilities.


In partnership with the Massachusetts Department of Public Health and the Rhode Island Department of Health, we work to deliver effective education and direct outreach to the public on a multitude of poisoning risks. We participate in both local and nationwide toxicology surveillance systems that can identify early toxic exposures; as such, the MA & RI Regional Center for Poison Control and Prevention is prepared to play a vital role in any potential small or large scale emergency.


We are requesting that you make a contribution to the Poison Center.  We need your help! Note that if the Poison Center closes, patients could end up in expensive emergency departments.  For more information about the Center or how to become a supporting partner, please contact Liz Vincent, Operations Manager at (617)355-2227.

Your contribution is needed more than ever to ensure our continued ability to provide this vital service. Donations should be made out and sent to:

Regional Center for Poison Control and Prevention
Serving Massachusetts and Rhode Island
Children’s Hospital Boston
300 Longwood Avenue, IC Smith Building
Boston, MA 02115