Educational Materials Order Form

Due to the lack of funding, the Poison Center is requesting any level of donations to offset costs of material purchase, production and mailing for requests over the bulk of 25.  Limited quantities of educational materials are free of charge and donations are appreciated. For each item you need, specify the quantity in the spaces provided. Please allow up to three weeks for processing this order.  Due to limited supply, materials are for Massachusetts and Rhode Island residents and health care providers only.

You may also materials-order-form your order to us.


Description English Spanish
Stickers with Poison Hotline Number
Magnets with Poison Hotline Number ---
Poison Center Brochure
Poison Prevention Fact Sheet Set
Ipecac Alert, Prevent Poisonings in Your Home, Poisonous Plants, Safe Plants, Children Act Fast So Do Poisons!
Poison Safety Word Search, Crossword Puzzle and Coloring Book Set* ---
 Please call back for possible poison prevention presentation or additional materials


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